Sunday, 6 August 2017

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The healthy and easy to make breakfast

As we have been talking from the very beginning, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
What most of the students or bachelors, living alone do is wake up early and go to classes or work with an empty stomach. This not only affects your health but also decreases your energy level significantly throughout the day. Some might say we don't have that much time to make a good breakfast and have it. I completely agree to that. And that is why I decided to make this post. As I am also a single living bachelor, I used to do that. But now I never go out with an empty stomach. And I am going to share what I personally to do make my breakfast quickly and yet it is one of the healthiest one.

I am going to give you two alternatives.

1.The oatmeal breakfast:

Yes, I know you are not that much fond of oatmeal as it doesn't taste like those fast foods. But believe me, if you can customize it properly it is the healthiest breakfast. 

healthy breakfast

Doesn't it look delicious?
Let's talk about the ingredients.


  1. oats (50 gm)
  2. milk (adequate amount)
  3. honey (take as much needed to taste good)
  4. fruits (whatever you like)


Making a healthy oatmeal breakfast is the easiest task to do. 
All you need to do is boil the milk and take oats in a pot and pour the milk into it and add honey(you might prefer sugar, but I would recommend honey) and add some fruits on top of it. That's it, you are all set for your healthy breakfast.


100 gm of oats contains 389 calories and it has a significant amount of fiber and magnesium and iron.
Oats significantly lowers cholesterol level and prevents heart failure.( source Wikipedia and whofoods)

2.Brown bread and peanut butter breakfast:

This is probably the most popular breakfast option around the globe. There are millions of people who this option as their breakfast and this is really a healthy option for your first meal of the day.

The thing about this breakfast is you don't need to cook anything; you don't even need to use a flame for this. 
All you need is just to buy a packet of brown bread and peanut butter and have this ready in the morning. No need to worry about time. You can even have this on your way to work or college.


Now let's talk about the nutrition part of this meal. 
1 slice of the bread contains15.1 gm of carbohydrate, 2.9 gm of protein and 0.7 gm of fat. And one slice has 74 calories.(source
And 2 tablespoon of peanut butter contains 188 calories and 16 gm of fat( source Wikipedia)

Complimentary items:

With both the meal options provided above, you may take some other food items to boost the nutrition level and give you a bit extra energy to keep going for the full day. 
Yes, I am talking about the two most nutritious food items: milk and egg.

You can always have an egg in the breakfast( whichever form you like, boiled or omelet). As the egg is one of the best sources of protein. 
And you can always have a glass of milk with your breakfast(I don't think I need to tell nutritious benefits of milk). If you are having the oatmeal which already is made with milk you can skip the extra glass if you want.

Lastly, if you would ask me to choose between these two, I would go for the first one. As the oat contains more amount of complex carbohydrate than bread. 

So, I think after reading this you will not want to go out for work in the morning with empty stomach anymore. 

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

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Top 5 accessories every man should have

must have accessories
In men's fashion, when a guy starts trying to look better, the major area he focuses is the dressing.
But guys should know that being the best-dressed man does not just mean that wearing good clothes but also having the proper accessories in a proper way.

There are so many important men's accessories but I have come up with a top 5 list and I feel these 5 items are the most timeless and important accessories in a man's wardrobe

1.A good quality watch:

good quality watch

By a good quality watch, I mean a leather strap watch with a classic design. A good quality watch does not have to be a Rolex or any other really expensive ones. You can always get a quality watch under 100$. Just make sure the leather quality of the strap is good and the dial is neither too big nor too small for your wrist. I would recommend you to go for a white dial, brown leather strap watch which will give you a classic look. 

2.A sunglass:


You must have a good quality sunglass in your wardrobe. You can go for aviators or wayfarers. But before going for a wayfarer make sure your face is not purely round and it does not look bad on you. The advantage with aviator is it fits almost all faces. But wayfarers is little choosy about faces. So make sure you pick the right type and right size. And please don't go for a shade of some funky and really glossy color. Keep it within black, gray or dark brown.

3.A good pair of tie:

Some might argue that this should be the at the number one spot. And yes, that is quite true because a tie is probably the most important accessory in a man's life. Without a tie, a formal look is never complete. You are going for an interview, meeting or even daily job you need a tie. Going somewhere to attend a fancy party, you will need a tie again.

If you are going to buy some ties, I would highly recommend you to go for a black and a navy. These two colors are the most versatile. So, gentlemen go get a few good ties and impress them. 

4.A good leather belt:

a good leather belt

A belt is probably the most underrated item in men's fashion. We don't think of it too much and just pick any random belt. But we need to understand the importance of a good buckle up belt. Investing in a good pair of leather buckle up belt will never disappoint you. I would advise you to have two belts - one black and another is of brown color and match them with the shoe color(either brown or black).

5.A leather wallet:

leather wallet

Men, you should understand that the wallet is your companion. It holds all the credit cards and important documents like your driving license safely in your pocket. And many people think that it does not matter with the quality of a wallet. But remember guys, a good quality leather wallet when is taken out from your pocket, people notice, believe me, they do. And if it is of good quality it will surely make a good impression.

Here is a list of the top 10 fashion items that every college guy should have:10 fashion item every college guy should have.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Why you should quit smoking today

why you should quit smoking

According to WHO(world health organization), there are more than 1 billion smokers in the world and 7 million of the deaths around the globe is caused by tobacco.
        In the US, approximately 36.5 million adults smoke cigarettes. India is the home of almost 12% smokers of the total smokers of the world.

Why do people smoke?

If you ever ask a smoker, why they started smoking, you will get a variety of answers. Some of them are so irrelevant that you will not even find any link.
Anyway here are some common reasons that smokers usually give when they are asked:

1.To handle pressure:  

Most common answer that you will hear from a smoker is "to handle pressure". Most of the smokers believe that smoking can lower their stress level and help them relax.
   But medical science says smoking does not make you actually relaxed but the nicotine present in tobacco reaches your brain and then the brain releases a substance called dopamine which might cause the feeling of less anxiousness. Some medical researchers say that the belief of a being relaxed by smoking causes them feel relaxed.

2.They started but they could not quit:

Another most common and honest answer. I believe almost all the smokers out there have tried to quit smoking at least once in his lifetime and most of them failed and started again.
Medical science says nicotine makes a sensation that people crave for again and again.

3.They are addicted:

It is so true. Because nicotine is a highly addictive. If you take nicotine for few times, you will crave for it.

4.It lowers your weight:

I think it is the most bogus reason. I have heard many people say this and I always tell them there are plenty of other ways to lose weight.

5.It let you concentrate if you take a smoke-break: 

This is another popular belief of the smokers that they need to smoke while doing some rigorous work that needs concentration.

6.It makes you look  smart:

This reason is mainly given by young beginners who are not still addicted. They think they look cool while holding a cigarette and thus they continue smoking and gets addicted.

Consequences of smoking in a long term:

1.the worst scenario might be that you will get a lung cancer.
2. It can lead you to many pulmonary problems like COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).
3.It can affect your nervous system(mainly the central nervous system).
4. It increases the possibility of stroke and heart attack.
5. It might create a problem in your hair or nails.
6. It surely affects your stamina level.

Why you should quit smoking:

why you should quit smoking

As we are done with the reasons behind smoking and consequences of smoking, let's come to the main topic. If you are still wondering why you should stop smoking, here are some bonafide reasons:

1.Do it for your own health:

As you have already seen what smoking can cause to you, I think if you are smart enough to care for your health you should quit without any further delay. And you will live more.

2.Do it for your family and friends: 

If you love your family and friends then you should quit today and save them from those passive smoking that is more dangerous than active. And quitting will be the best gift to them.

3.Your body will recover from the done damage:

The damage that you have done throughout all these years, will start to get recovered if you quit. Your heart will come back to normal, your stamina will and increase and of course, your lungs will start recovering.

4.Quit for your looks:

Quitting smoking will definitely make your look better. It will whiten those stained teeth of yours. It will make your breath smell free and your hair and skin will look better.

5. Quit for money:

Have you ever calculated how much money you invest in buying tobacco and how much it stands in a year?
With that money, you do so many quality stuff that is needed.
So, be smart, quit smoking and save money.

I a know saying all these are easy, but you might find it really difficult to quit as you will crave every now and then. 
But, here are some tips to control or reduce the craving after you stop:

1.Stop hanging out with people who smoke too much and in front of you.
2. Use some gum or any chewing object when you feel a craving.
3.Don't ever keep cigarette near you; throw all those away as soon as you stop smoking.
4. Don't fool yourself by saying "this is the last one" to yourself.
5.Use some stress reliever therapies like massage.
6. Make yoga and meditation a regular habit.

At last, you have to understand that a single article cannot make you quit smoking. If you want to quit smoking, you have to be determined to do so. Because only you can get control over your will.

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no time for gym? I got you covered

can not go to gym
So, your everyday schedule is packed up with works and other stuff? Your work pressure is too high?
You rarely get any spare time for yourself?

But you want to stay fit and you have no time for going to the gym.
Don't worry, I have got you covered in this post.

The first thing that you need to know is not what is the best thing to do with your body, but is to know what is the worst thing that you can do to your body. And the worst ever thing that you can do to your body is to keep it completely inactive.
Your body demands some physical work.

You must do some resistance training in order to stay fit.

What is resistance training?

Resistance training is putting some resistance against your body and that your body can work against it. The resistance offering thing can be your own body weight (like in the case of push-ups and other exercises) or some external object( like in the case of weight lifting).

Resistance training makes your body work against something and your muscle fibers break and with the help of proper food these muscles grow. And as the muscle grows, your lean mass in the body increases and your fat in the body decreases.

What to do if you have no time for the gym:

I am going to answer this question in three categories for people at three different situations.

1.If you are not active at all:

If you are not active at all i.e your work also does not have much physicality and you work most of the time sitting(e.g: software employee), you need to take some effort to make your body work a little. Because complete inactiveness can lead you many problems and even some disease in the long run.

The first and easiest effort that you can put is walking.
walking on the street

Stop taking cabs for every small thing and small distances. Like, you can sometimes walk to your work place (obviously if it is not too far) or to the grocery shop, the saloon, market etc.
But please stop taking a cab or car for every small thing.

You can take other small initiatives like walking the stairs instead of the lift or carrying the little heavy food items by yourself.
Start doing this and I am sure you will feel a difference in your body. You will start feeling less tired and will feel little energetic than before.

2.If you are very little active:

If you are a little active i.e you walk or swim or run or your work involves some physical work. Then you should shift to the next level i.e you should start working out. But yes, I know you don't have time for the gym or you are not willing to go to a gym.

Then The first thing that you must do is to invest in a pair of dumbells.
pair of dumbell

 A good pair of dumbells is going to last you for years and you are going to use it almost whole your life. So, I would highly recommend you to invest in a pair of dumbells.

With the help of dumbells,  you can mainly do three exercises i.e the biceps curl, the triceps curl, and the wrist workout. These are all for your arms. And who does not love a big and muscular arm?
But if you still don't want to invest in a pair of dumbells, I have got you covered here also.
I have come up with a good alternative.
backpack as dumbell
Yes! I am talking about a backpack. A backpack can be your alternative for dumbells. Still wondering how?
You can put some books in the backpack and use it like dumbells and you can do all the exercise of dumbells with this backpack.

You need to do some other exercise also besides these arm workout.
The first and most important exercise you should do is the push-ups.

chest workout

the push-up is the ultimate chest workout exercise. Start doing pushups on a regular basis and set a target of doing 5 more every day. You can try out different types of pushups. Please consider doing pushups with weight on the back (can be the backpack).
click here to watch a video on a variety of push-ups by Fitness FAQs.

Another most important exercise is the squats and it is probably very underrated in bodybuilder's list. But you must do squats on a regular basis.
man doing squats outside

Squat not only works out your leg muscle but also improves buttock muscles.
I would recommend you to do squat with placing a weight (can be the book filled backpack) on your lap and holding it with hands. This way you might find it difficult at first but it is more effective.
Besides these some other really effective exercises are crunches, burpees, lunges, bicycle crunches etc.

To optimize the effect of all these exercises, you must combine these with some cardio.

It can be running, swimming, biking whatever you like. Make sure to do a cardio at least twice a week. This will really make a difference.

3.If you are active:

if you are quite active and do some exercises at home along with cardio, I would highly recommend you to go to the gym twice a day.
go to gym twice a day

Make a habit of doing it. If you are free at the weekend then get a gym membership. Because all these are just basic workouts. And if you want to have a great body you need to have equipment which is readily available in the gym.

And people who are at the level one, don't get stuck there. Try to progress and same for level two.

If you want to know about muscle gain in detail then read this post of mine: all you need to know about muscle gain.

Hope, you found this useful. 

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Monday, 17 July 2017


Acne: facts, myths and remedies

If you are in your teens, you are most probably experiencing the perils of acne or going to experience it soon. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it is surely a 'confidence killer'.


According to a survey, approximately 80 percent of people face acne breakouts in their life between the ages of 12 to 30.
You might have been searching on the internet for acne remedy and you might have gotten so many of articles which say do this, and this your acne will be gone. Believe my personal experience, it is not going to happen overnight.
So, today I am going to share some real facts about acne, why it occurs and some remedies.

Main Reason Behind Acne:

As you might have heard of a gland named sebaceous gland that secretes a type of oil called sebum. Sebum is not bad for the skin as it makes the skin little waterproof and prevents from bacterial attack.
But too much of anything is not good. During hormonal changes in the body, the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum. This sebum in combination with the dead skin cell clog the pores of our skin and bacteria develops on the clogged pores, causing the acne breakout.

This is the main science behind acne.

Factors that Make Acne Worse:

These factors surely worsen the acne and you should avoid these.
  1. pollution and dirt can make things worse as your skin is more prone to have bacteria if your skin is dirty.
  2. Stress is also not good for acne. As stress is another source of hormonal change in your body. Too much stress can get your acne worse.
  3. Repeatedly touching your face or squeezing the acne with the dirty hand is only going to get you some more bacteria and make things worse.
  4. Use of oil based product can lead to more breakouts as it only makes it easier for the bacteria to survive.
  5. Too much cleansing is not good for acne. As if you clean is skin repeatedly it will dry out your skin and you skin pores will tend to emit more oil.
  6. There may be some food items that can cause more breakouts. This may or may not happen and you should identify which food is doing so.

Myths about Acne:

People have so many misconceptions about acne. I am sure you have at least one of these:
  1. Diet does not play any role in acne: This is a myth. As some studies have proved that people who have more sugar and dairy product with less clean protein are more prone to acne.
  2. You should quit eating chocolate to cure acne: Again another misconception. Chocolate does not give you breakouts.
  3. Popping might heal your acne: Believe me, it does not. Popping only makes things worse.
  4. Clearing you face more often will cure acne: The truth is it does not, instead, it makes your skin dry and you tend to secrete more oil.


The first thing that you have to keep in your mind that no remedy can completely cure your acne overnight. You have to accept this fact.
But there are certain methods by which you can minimize acne.
Here are some remedies:

1.Eat a lot of water: keeping your body hydrated will surely help you fresh and it will help your skin to self-moisturize.

2.Get some good sleep at night: Getting some quality sleep at the night will surely keep you fresh and decrease your stress level.

3.Make a good routine for skin care: Take good care of your skin and make it regular. Wash your face 2-3 times a day with cold water and some oil free cleanser. Try to apply some gel based sunscreen when going out in very bright sun. If your skin feels dry, apply some oil free moisturizer.

4.Stop squeezing those little things: So many people out there things that squeezing the acne can cure it quickly. But sadly squeezing makes things worse and it might get infected if you are squeezing with uncleaned hand. And squeezing also leaves the very chance of scars, which none of us want to have.

5.Stop having too much oily food: Too much oily food and sugar can cause more breakout. So it would be better if you keep an eye on your diet.


In the treatment process of acne you should always look for these two ingredients:

1.Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl peroxide really has some good effects on acne. It unclogs the skin pores and prevents the bacterial growth in the skin.

2.Salicylic Acid: It is mainly used for mild to moderate acne and it also unclogs the pores. It is generally used in combination with other products.

Besides these two there are few more ingredients which help in the treatment of acne. 

Sulfur is also used in acne treatment as it dries the skin and it helps to shed the skin quicker.

***before using any of these medications, I would strictly recommend you to consult a physician.

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